Graduate Research

Most of my thesis work has focused on medical decision making / health systems, as described on the top research page.  I work in cardiovascular disease and infectious disease modeling.  I have also engaged in research on education in mathematics and STEM fields.

 Restless Multi-Armed Bandits - an empirical study of algorithm performance on varying problem structure and size. Developed by Qiushi Chen and me.  Report Presentation 




Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization A project put together by my colleague Carl Morris and me.  We examine a branch of stochastic optimization problems of a combinatorial nature, such as random graphs and set cover with uncertain elements to be covered. 

Sto Opt Pic









Serum miRNA Detection Using Quantum Dots for Differential Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer.  A project by Kirsten Kepple, Zachary Wells, and me.  We examine a novel biomarker for detection of pancreatic cancer.  My primary role was to calculate the math for sensitivity and specificity of the biomarker to compare it's performance to standard practice.  Report  Poster

 Biomarkers pic